39 things to do without technology

Published June 26, 2014 by artkidava

Hi again!

I’ve decided to try something new…. Lists.

I thought I’d start with this list, because it seems that in the future, if we don’t have technology, people won’t know what to do! Hopefully, if that ever happens, people will able to use this as a guide, so here we go…

39 fun things to do without technology:

  1. read a book 
  2. write a song 
  3. cook something (then eat it)
  4. dance 
  5. sing
  6. imagine that you’re in _______ as a _______ (come on…)
  7. write a list (like this)
  8. write a poem
  9. play with a friend/sibling
  10. help someone  
  11. practise smiling (I know, I know…)
  12. fly a kite (this is actually really fun)
  13. go swimming
  14. go to the beach
  15. try to find the and of the rainbow (um…)
  16. go to the park
  17. ride a horse (okay, okay, imagine your riding a horse)
  18. paint a picture
  19. draw something 
  20. make something
  21. do maths (this probably isn’t a strong suggestion but you know, there might be a Math Lover reading this)
  22. kick a footy (a necessary skill)
  23. try to do the splits
  24. write a letter to someone
  25. play with your toys
  26. do star jumps (!!!)
  27. do a crazy self competition (you know, how far can I kick an acorn?, how high can I kick, need I go on…?)
  28. make shapes with clouds (or count the stars if its night-time)
  29. learn another language
  30. try to see how loud you can scream (in a sound proof area)
  31. paint your nails
  32. try to walk around for 10 minutes on your toes (I know, I know, I’m getting desperate)
  33. do some art
  34. do a bridge, cart-wheel or handstand
  35. see how long you can hold your breath
  36. play an instrument 
  37. shoot goals (b-ball, netball, soccer, footy…)
  38. try to do the knife song (but please… don’t use a knife)
  39. leave a comment on this post (ok… Maybe this uses technology but seriously? I’ve thought of 38, that’s good enough)

So there it is…. my first ever list, hopefully more to come, so please complete number 39, and comment on my post…

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Something New – author reviews

Published November 29, 2013 by artkidava


Sorry, I haven’t written in a looong time…

I realised that I have a lot of book reviews in here, but no tips on good authors.

So this is my first official author review.

I’ll start with one of my favourites, Morris Gleitzman.


Morris Gleitzman grew up in England and came to Australia at the age of sixteen.  After university, he worked for ten years as a screen writer. Then he had a wonderful experience.he wrote a novel for young people. Now, after 34 books, he’s one of Australia’s most popular children’s authors. His books are published in more than 20 countries.

– taken from the back of  ‘Extra Time’ by Morris Gleitzman 

You can find out more about him at:


So you know who he is, but…


I think he’s a great author. Morris Gleitzman comes up with brilliant story lines and has a brilliant style. He makes great use of short sentences and descriptive passages. His books are funny, ridiculous, entertaining, informative, shocking and sometimes sad. He has a great ability to use emotions and engages you in all his work. He mainly writes for children aged 10-14, but adults can enjoy his books too.

now you know all about him, but what about his work?

These are a few examples of…


This series is about World War II and has four books named Once, Then, Now and After.


Once I escaped from an orphanage to find Mum and Dad. Once I saved a girl called Zelda from a burning house. Once I made a Nazi with a toothache laugh. My name is Felix. This is my story.


I had a plan for me and Zelda. Pretend to be someone else. Find new parents. Be safe forever. Then the Nazi’s came.

Now                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Once I didn’t know about my grandfather Felix’s scary childhood. Then I found out what the Nazi’s did to his set friend Zelda. Now I understand why Felix does the things he does. At least he’s got me. My name is Zelda too. This is our story.


After the Nazi’s took my parents I was Scared. After they killed my best friend I was Angry. After they ruined my 13th birthday I was Determined.                                                                                                                                                                       To get to the forest. To join forces with Gabriek and Yuli. To be a family. To defeat the Nazi’s after all.

This next series is about refugees who travel to Australia to find a better life… and people who want to help them.

Boy Overboard

Jamal and Bibi have a dream. To lead Australia to soccer glory in the next World Cup. But first they must face land mines , pirates, storms and assassins. Can Jamal and his family survive their incredible journey and get to Australia?

Girl Underground

Bridget wants a quiet life. Including, if possible, keeping her parents out of prison. Then a boy called Menzies makes her an offer she can’t refuse and they set off on a job of their own. It’s a desperate, daring plan – to rescue two kids, Jamal and Bibi, from a desert detention centre. Can Bridget and Menzies pull off their very first jail break, or will they end up behind bars too.

These are just two examples of his books, though there are many others, here is a list of them:

  • Grace
  • Too small to fail
  • Toad Rage, Toad Heaven, Toad Away & Toad Surprise
  • Give peas a chance
  • Pizza cake
  • Doubting Thomas
  • Water wings
  • Bumface
  • Gift of the gab, Sticky beak and Babble Mouth
  • The other facts of life
  • Second childhood
  • Worm Story & Aristotle’s Nostril
  • Adults only
  • Teacher’s pet

These are some of his books. To view the entire list of his books and read the first chapter of them, click here.

I hope you get the chance to read them and enjoy them!


Published September 27, 2013 by artkidava

Recently I went to two events featuring the amazing Tavi Gevinson!

For those who are wondering, Tavi Gevinson is the editor and founder of Rookie, an online magazine for teens.

She started with her own fashion blog at the age of 11 and was noticed immediately.

Over the past 6 years, her popularity has soared and many people around the world look up to her.

She has also helped publish the Rookie Yearbook One and soon to be released Rookie Yearbook Two.

She is an amazing person!

As part of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, I went to her talk named ‘Tavi’s World!’

The talk was engaging, exciting and full of humour.

She spoke extremely well and was very popular with the audience.

I also attended ‘Rookie Day’ and event in which multiple women spoke including:

and of course… Tavi!

It was a great inspirational day and I had lots of fun!

I hope you get to visit the MWF next year and have the same amazing experience I did!

Puss ‘n’ Boots!

Published June 4, 2013 by artkidava

Recently I went with my friends to see Puss ‘n Boots as an opera performed by the Victorian Opera at the Art Centre. It was a great show and we all really enjoyed it!

The show was in Spanish with a projected storyline behind it, causing everyone to think about what they were seeing and not just hearing.

It was mainly for kids and lots of schools were there! There was one set which was altered as the show went on to suit what happened, and it was very creatively done, so that there wasn’t too much changing around.

The story tells the tale of a poor miller, who inherits a cat and is disappointed. When the cat declares that he will bring his miller fortunes but needs a cape sword and boots, the miller is taken aback, but obediently does what he’s told. The cat is delighted with his armour, and goes out to win the hand of a princess, and a castle for the miller, battling Ogres, Kings and Mighty Rivers!

The highlight of the show for me, was watching the miller ‘drown in the river;’ a job of someone creating waves with a blue silk sheet and the miller pretending to sink into its folds!

The actors were very talented, as they had to dance, sing and act!

There was a group of live musicians who did an excellent job and added to the story!

The show was fun, entertaining and engaging and all the actors and musicians did a really great job!

I would rate it 9/10!

The Rythm Machine

Published June 4, 2013 by artkidava

Recently I went to see ‘The Rythm Machine’,  a concert performed by two percussionists from the UK, Oliver Cox and Owen Gunnell called O Duo. They played along with composer Fraser Trainer and the MSO (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) at the Town Hall, as part of the MSO’s Education Week.

It was a 50 minute long performance for children, and I really enjoyed it!

The show featured many pieces from different countries.

The two percussionists used a range of instruments, from a World War II Clicker, and Squeezy Toys to Cowbells!

The show was very well organised, funny, engaging and full of interesting pieces. They also involved the audience by teaching us lots of fun rhythms (some of which were quite tricky ! ) and ways to get better with our percussion playing!

My favourite piece was a movement called ‘Hook’,  from  Breaking Silence  by Fraser Trainer. It had lots of rhythm, it was very lively and involved lots of body percussion with the orchestra as well.

The highlight of the show, was when they roller-skated through the audience… while playing the snare drum!

It was truly amazing and sent gasps through the audience!

I really enjoyed the show and would rate it 9/10!

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Published April 18, 2013 by artkidava

My family and I watched the movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox, based on the book by Roald Dahl. It is a hilarious movie and and we really enjoyed it!

After his wife announces that she is going to have a baby, Mr. Fox has to give up his current job, hunting out dinner from farms, and become a boring newspaper journalist. But after moving into a new house right next door to the 3 cruelest poultry and cider farmers in the world, he cannnot resist his wild animal instinct to hunt again, and hatches a master plan, without his wife’s knowledge. Accompanied by a slightly crazy possum, Kylie, Mr. Fox attacks the farms of Mr. Boggis, Mr. Bunce and Mr. Bean. Furious, at being caught so easily, Boggis, Bunce and Bean hatch a plan to attack The Fox household and succeed, almost. The Foxs’ escape, but not for long. Going back and forth between traps and escapes, Mr. Fox learns that each animal is special for its own reason, and no-one has to be better than anyone.

The animation and music have been done really well, using puppets made out of real fur, instead of clay, for the characters!

Fantastic Mr. Fox has been voiced by an amazing cast of actors. Here are a list of some of the characters, and who they are acted by:

Mr. Fox is acted by George Clooney

Mrs. Fox is acted by Meryl Streep

Their son Ash, is acted by Jason Schwartzman

and some other main voices include:

Bill Murray


Owen Wilson

Full of drama and fun, Fantastic Mr Fox is a great movie for families, specifically kids aged from 7 – 12.

On my rating of 7 and a half out of ten, I think it’s a great movie and hope you get the chance to watch it!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Published March 23, 2013 by artkidava

On Tuesday, the 26th of February 2013, my and my family went to see the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Her Majesty’s Theatre!

It was a great success and I enjoyed it immensely!

The original book was written by Ian Fleming (yes, you heard right, Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond), and though James Bond sounds completely different from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, with all the machines and creativity, the stories can appear quite the same! The story is about an inventor named Caractacus Potts, who lives with his father (also Caractacus Potts) and two children, Jeremy and Jemima. Along the way they meet Miss Truly Scrumptious, the daughter of the man who owns a great sweet factory. As the story goes, the characters come across a car that won the Grand Prix, many, many years ago. After almost being sent to the dump, Mr Potts (Junior) rescues the car, and turns it into a magnificent and magical car. They name it Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! The family and Truly have wonderful adventures in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, including a very special adventure where they land up as almost-prisoners in the strange land of Vulgaria. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang plays a huge part in the musical, and winning the hearts of the audience, it becomes the hero of the story. Full of fun and magic, it’s a great family musical, and I highly reccomend it to everyone!

As it was a musical, I thought it would be hard to bring the screen to stage. But the show was amazing! Everything was represented excellently and it kept you engaged for the entire time! There was a live orchestra for background music, and they did an amazing job! The actors were completely believable and you felt like you were actually there, and part of the show! Like Mary Poppins, it was a huge success and everyone had a great time!

Here are the details about the show, I hope you get to go and see it!

Duration: approx. 2 and a half hours

Times: Tues 1pm, Wed 1pm, Wed & Thur 7pm, Fri & Sat 8pm, Sat 2pm, Sun 3pm until April 14th

Venue: Her Majesty’s Theatre, 219 Exhibition St, Melbourne, 3000

Telephone: (03) 8643 3300

To find out more information click here

Hope you get to see it! 🙂

And for those who do know that magical power of the car, you might be wondering how they managed to do it and even if they did it at all. If you are, I’ll tell you one thing: yes it does, you will have to go and see it to find out how…..